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Student Login


NAFTrack is a groundbreaking initiative that connects high school students, educators, employers, and NAF academy alumni to build a future-ready workforce.  Students and educators engage with NAFTrack Certification to confirm the students are college and career ready.

myNAFTrack is an online professional network connecting NAF students, alumni, and NAFTrack Certified Hiring employers. It allows students and alumni to build a professional profile and portfolio to easily showcase their work to employers who understand the unique value and expertise NAF graduates can bring.  They will have access to a wide range of potential internship and job opportunities and a library of career resources.

NAFTrack Certified Hiring employers can easily search for talent who have been certified through a rigorous and industry-developed assessment system: NAFTrack Certification.  They can directly promote their company to a highly skilled and diverse talent pool.

myNAFTrack will provide academies, schools, and districts with the ability to track students post-graduation and measure college and career success.