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National Honor Society

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JMRHS National Honor Society



NHS Induction Ceremony, 30 Apr 2024 at 6:30pm, JMRHS Auditorium

Next Meeting with Current Senior Members and New Members to be Inducted, 24 Apr 2024

Service Project Currently in Work

Presentation from 17 Jan 2024

Presentation from 6 Dec 2023

Presentation from 15 Nov 2023

Presentation from 25 Oct 2023

Presentation from 13 Sep 2023

Presentation from 25 May 2023


National Honor Society is a service-oriented organization where members must consistently demonstrate the qualities of leadership, character, service, and scholarship.

Students are inducted at the end of their junior year and must have at least a 4.2 GPA.  

Advisors: Jason Gibson, Lisa Perez                        

President:  Miriam Welsh              

Vice President: Kian Moreno Marrero    

Treasurer:  Haley O'Brien                   

Secretary: Keira Nelson


Current Members:  Options for Major or Minor Service Projects


If you have any other ideas for projects that we can do throughout this year, text your officers and let them know!